Valentine’s Day- all orders for delivery must be place the day before.

We cannot guarantee any timed deliveries however we will endeavour to get all flowers to workplaces by 5pm.

What Are Your Opening Hours

Canary Janes Flowers has the following opening hours:
Monday to Friday:   9am – 3pm
Mother’s Day : 8am – 4pm

How do I care for my flowers?

Upon receiving your flowers, gently unwrap them and snip 2cm off the bottom of the stems. Place in fresh water and change the water every 2 days for maximum longevity. For boxed arrangements, add a small amount of water every day. All flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heaters.

How far ahead do I need to order flowers for an event?

Enquiries for an event or wedding at least 2 months notice is required.

For general orders 24 hours is enough time!

How much does delivery cost?

All deliveries are priced on a radius basis depending on which suburb they are going to. Please contact us for a delivery quote.


Answers to the most common Frequently Asked Questions